You're Invited

My name is Katie Argyle and I am hosting a steamroller printmaking event August 19, 2017 in Richmond Hill. If you are reading this you are invited to attend!

Come and watch the Town of Richmond Hill's paver roll over an inked blocks of wood to make a fine art prints.

Prints will be available for purchase in the Burr House Artisans Shop, Tea Room and Gallery.

I will be in the community on Canada Day at the Richmond Green park in Richmond Hill and at the Mill Pond Concert series in Richmond Hill on Thursday evenings in July (if there are still blocks to carve) with blank wood blocks and carving tools. Take some time and carve a block and then attend the printing event to see it printed along with 149 of your fellow citizens' blocks! Guest artists will also be in attendance and will be steamroller printing as well. We'll have a lawnroller and blocks on site for you to make a tshirt too!

I want to extend my thanks for the support of the Town of Richmond Hill through its Community and Cultural Grant program for funding toward this event.

Equally important is the support of the Burr House Artisans Committee, Hill Potters' Guild and the Burr House Spinners and Weavers for allowing me the use of their facility and grounds, and Newmakeit in Newmarket where the big block is in the works as I write this.


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