Getting ready to meet you July 1st - Banner ordered so you can find me!

Look for this banner in the Boynton House area of Richmond Green on July 1st, 2017

On July 1st I will be at Richmond Green during the Canada Day Festivities.
Shar Wong, another local Richmond Hill printmaker, will be with me to help you
create one of the 150 woodblocks which make up my Canada 150 community puzzleblock.

Based on a map of the town of Richmond Hill, I have removed 150 headshapes from the main block.

the head shapes I made all have ears

Each of these heads are available to you to create an image in response to this question:

What's on Your Mind?

I want to know what you're thinking about Richmond Hill on this 150th Anniversary of Canada.

What are you happy about?
What's got under your skin?
What are you worrying over?
What do you think about all the time?

Show me. Show us.

Each block will have a piece of paper to draw or write on.
We will help you with a design if you get stuck.

A drawing or words on paper is all that is required.
But if you want to do more you can transfer your image to the block for us to carve.
Or you can transfer the image and carve it out.
You'll receive a small gift for participating in this community project and an invitation to join us for the printing of the block on August 19th at Burr House Artisans in Richmond Hill.

There will be opportunities to participate on the actual printing day. So if the blocks are all spoken for you can still be involved. More on this later.


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