Roll On Richmond Hill - Introducing The Guest Artists

We have three guest artists, plus the event's host, Katie Argyle, making large woodcuts for the steamroller event next Saturday.

Katie Argyle
One of their steamrollered woodcuts will be on display and for sale in the Burr House Gallery after the event and until mid-September.

Shar Wong is a printmaker and occupational therapist. She has participated in steamroller events before and is excited to be in another one.
Sharlene Wong

Sue Foerster hosts open life drawing classes in Richmond Hill. She's also a mixed media artist and has some printmaking experience.
Sue Foerster

Alexandra Conrad and Haleh Delavi are working together on a woodcut. Both are visual artists and have done printmaking in the past and are excited to try printing with a paver.

Alexandra Conrad
Haleh Delavi

These pieces and more are on display now in the Burr House Gallery
at 530 Carrville Rd in Richmond Hill.
Summer Hours are now in effect!
We will have extended hours for Roll On Richmond Hill
Saturday Only: 10am to 4pm.